A Circular Solar Panel

Biosphere Solar is prototyping a circular and fair solar panel. This is a modular crystalline-silicon PV panel which is designed to have a long lifetime, being refurbished and upgraded during its life and easily recycled in the end. Also the production respects human rights throughout the supply chain, and the product is fully open-source.

Distributed (re)Manufacturing

We aim to set up a global, smart and distributed network of local manufacturing and maintenance sites. Offering a new way to scale, and making sure all materials and components stay in the loop.

Solar Waste

With the exponential growth of solar panel installations comes an exponential growth in solar panel waste. Due to lamination, it is currently impossible to extract solar-grade silicon from solar panels. This downgrading causes unnecessary environmental and economic damage.

Our Story

Biosphere Solar was founded in 2020. Our mission is to bring change to the solar industry and make a sustainable life possible for people worldwide. As of 2022, the company has done fundamental market- and product research, secured funding and built two prototypes. Our 2022 milestones are: demonstrate the product in the real world, build a community, and develop a product that is market-ready. After 2022, we aim to scale through pilot production to large scale implementation.

The Team

The Biosphere Solar team exists of engineers, designers and sustainable business developers. If you are interested in joining the team, please get in touch.


Biosphere Solar is supported by the TU Delft and Leiden University, as well as The Green Village, Delft Open Hardware and Provincie Zuid-Holland. We are open for industry partnerships that will help us develop our proposition in a user-centered way. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.